25 July, 2006

Europe Endless

Momus writes about Europe, referring to a piece in a magazine called Europe Endless and referring to writings by some Mark Leonard fellow (whose book, Why Europe Will Run The 21st Century stares provocatively at me in bookshops.

The European Union is unstoppable, because our progress is based not on war but personal and economic commerce. Our flubbly world of compromise, difference, and bureaucratic deal cutting is endlessly attractive to outsiders. I look forward to the day when Morocco and Turkey join the EU, because it sets the project rolling for the EU's transformation into the WU, a pacific league straddling the globe.


Nicholas said...

I completely agree with you. (Hope you weren't being ironic!) I know Mark Leonard slightly, though I know his father rather better.

ian said...

I can be ironic and straightfaced at the same time.