12 August, 2006

Virtual War

I hope eventually to trundle along through the magic of IR theory, bringing you eventually to the magic of post-modernism in so far as it relates to my discicpline. In the meantime, ILX brought me to an article by Eyal Weizman called Israeli Military Using Post-Structuralism as “Operational Theory” which originally appeared in the journal Radical Philosophy. I'm not saying this article is brilliant or anything (I've only barely skimmed it myself), but it seems illustrative of the type.

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Paul said...

I read a great 3 part article by Weizman (who is a dissident Israeli architect) about how the separation barrier is changing space in the West Bank - the horizontal, the vertical - interesting stuff. Very long but worthwhile.


Is it postmodernism? Mebbe so. My fear about postmodernism is that it's can be a little intellectual and impractical, but this guy's ideas seem quite down to earth.