09 October, 2006

The Final Programme?

Hunting Monsters is under threat. One of my pals has started a new International Relations weblog, and invited me (and many other people) to write for it. It is called The Dublin School of International Relations, and has only one post on it, not by me. It would be churlish not to sign up for that project, but I suspect that there is only so much IR stuff I can write, meaning that Hunting Monsters may fall even more on the back burner. Ah, such is life.


rener said...

I think you should try to keep HM going if you can. It's a good blog, and it's a real achievement to have kept it going for this long.

ian said...

Thanks for the kind words Rener, I will pay you back in the usual way.

I expect that I will probably keep Hunting Monsters going, either for stuff too boring for the Dublin School or because I never get round to writing for the other blog.

jennifer said...

I agree that you should keep this going. A lot of people read this blog because they like you, but they wouldn't necessarily read a Dublin School of Int'l Relations because it's too academic or something.