24 April, 2007

More Morocco action!

There is an interesting enough article about Morocco on the Guardian website, which I think appeared in the most recent Observer: Morocco's turning tide

It does the usual PHEAR TEH ISLAMISTS thing of questioning the pro-democratic bona fides of the Morocco's largest and semi-banned Islamist party while asserting that they are seen by 'many' as "potentially very dangerous". Meanwhile, the journo gets on famously with a minister of the supposedly pro-democratic government that does not allow free elections.

The one great thing I have learned about Morocco in Spy School is that the country has really serious problems about which not much is being done, with their being a real likelihood that the country is going to blow up in the next couple of years. Deadly stuff.


MoRocco said...

very interesting article, but as i am not really a specialist on the subjct, it doesnt sound new to me that part of the people will always disagree with everything.. or i've missed the point.. :s

ian said...

hi MoRocco. My lecturer specifically reckons that anyone buying property in Morocco is probably pouring their money down the drain. This may or may not actually be the case, of course.