10 June, 2007

Moral turpitude

I wrote the other day about an Italian court case, where Italian and American security personnel are on trial for kidnapping a man and transporting him to Mubarak's torturers in Egypt. Since then, the Council of Europe has released a report on the extraordinary rendition system, in particular talking about the secret gulag the CIA ran (or runs) in Eastern Europe. You can download it in PDF format here.

I find it disturbing what a minor news story this is, and how little outrage at a political or popular level it seems to excite. We are not talking about strange faraway countries here, but countries and airports in the European Union. Secret prisons, people being flown off to dictatorships' torturers, people being kidnapped on the streets of constitutional states and spirited off to Mubarak's thugs, a government obstructing a kidnap trial to maintain good relations with the kidnappers - if all this is not a major story, what is?

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Paul said...

Good for you Ian - it is disgraceful how little media attention is on this case. You inspired me to blog about Ireland & the CIA myself.