29 July, 2007

Thesis Latest!

One chapter finished!

(by "finished" I mean that I have written a chapter, that it has not been proofread, that it is a rambling piece of ye liveliest awfulnesse, and that it has loads of XXXXs where citations ought to be; but sure Rome was not built in a day)


Paul said...

Meant to ask you - how long is your chapter?

ian said...

4,233 words. Many of these say things like "I will analyse X in the light of theoretical perspective Y" when in fact I will do no such thing.

Paul said...

That should be grand - if you put in enough of that kind of stuff, they'll never be able to keep track of it all. Bombard them with stuff and I'm sure whoever's marking it will have forgotten Chapter One by the time they read the rest of the thesis.