27 April, 2008

Conference on Democracy in Africa

Given current events in Zimbabwe, there is a certain topicality to a conference taking place on 21st May next in the Royal Marine Hotel, in Dun Laoghaire. Organised by The African Voice, its title is When Will Democracy Work in Africa. You can read all about it here: Africa Conference. They seem only to have a PDF version of the conference programme, so here, pasted in, are the descriptions of the promised speakers:

"- Mr Phakiso Mochochoko, Senior Legal Advisor (Registry) at the International Criminal Court (ICC) the Hague, Holland on whether there can be lasting peace (democracy) without justice

"- Dr. Petros B. Ogbazghi (PhD)on social exclusion of Africans

"- Mr.Aki Stavrou, Director Integrating Ireland on conflict and peace

- Her Excellency Mannete Ramaili Ambassador-Kingdom of Lesotho on 'Women in Africa: where are they; where should they be?'

"- Maurice Manning, Irish Human Rights commission, will deliver closing remarks"

My old classmate Mark Little is MCing (word), and they are also promising a free lunch and an exhibit on tourism in Africa.

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