10 May, 2008

Western Sahara, slight return

If you are interested in the usefulness or otherwise of Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic travel documents, check out my recent posting on Somaliland, in the comments for which a citizen of the SADR discusses just what you can do with a passport from his country.



Frist theres no passport of Western Sarhara, the only rcognized paseport is the Moroccan,in this region,
Second ask your embassy,the Western sahara or moroccan sahara, is rulled and controled by Moroccan kingdom,as historically, the polisario lives in Algerian camps, check the UN documentation, or better just take the filght, and go to morocco 'if you have enough money', and y'll see by your self this algerian invented story, so please before transmit any false information in your blog, please give as Real sources, because every one can invent sorries.
Therd Morocco for the legality and hi legimity to rull freely his territory, he get the support of all the free world, only terrorits on countries backing terror support the separatist group called polisario.
we are living the end of this group, because the majority of saharawis, voted in favor morocco.


OK explain what you can do with a western sahara passport ' please see the truth in face' and don't belive those terrorists.

France was always against US policy, but when they two countries support the same side, that should makes you think why all the powerful nation supported the same country'morocco' simplly because the legality and the ligimity, please have a look in my reports 'with sources'to understand the truth,the never stopped lieing is for that, whole the world know that poisario is an invented organisation by Algeria, to take and annex this territory to thier land, it will never happend, as all the world know the truth


#### please don't believe the guy who said that there's a sahara passport, united nation don't recognize the sahara as a republic simplly' they lives in Algerian soil. so if the bloggers whome had a small law studies as you ' by the way i see hello to the guys working in temple bar' i used to go there for 3 years' i love your country', they will discover his big lie' lol to be recognized by the UN you have to live in a totally recognized country, so tell him to pull the other one.

The Moroccan situation is similar to Ireland with the northern Ireland, and Morocco get a mutual support from Ireland regarding this issue, simply for the international legality.

ian said...

OK, so I maybe should have said "a self-declared citizen of the SADR".

Nicholas Whyte said...

I see what you mean about the mad comments!

Of course the Western Sahara issues passports - the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic is recognised by 43 countries and is a member of the African Union.

"the majority of saharawis, voted in favor morocco" - well, we don't know about that because the referendum was never held, due to Morocco's obstruction.

"Morocco get a mutual support from Ireland" - oh really?

Will said...

Hi Ian. This came up in my Google Alerts for Western Sahara. Sorry that you're getting hassled by Real-Sahara-Watch--he's the king of the trolls on my blog about Western Sahara.

Interesting stuff about SADR passports, though! Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

ian said...

I'll take comments from anyone... and it is interesting to hear a Moroccan point of view on all this, as coming at the dispute from outside it is hard not to see their position as nakedly imperialist.

I read a while ago that some of the oppositional groups in Morocco are very critical of the king's Western Saharan policy, seeing the whole thing as a ploy for him to whip up nationalist fervour and gain support from this. Sheikh Yassine of the Justice & Charity group seems prepared even to contemplate Western Saharan independence, should the current Moroccan regime remain in place.

Justin (koavf) said...

lol@nakedly imperialist

Generally speaking, the Moroccan point-of-view is as manic and unintelligible as these posts. The mental gymnastics it takes to buy their position leaves me too exhausted. If you post more on Western Sahara, you'll get to know what I'm talking about intimately.


in response to nicolas whyte?? cool nick name! should i call you muamat or somthing like this?
any way please stop your non truth affirmations, Ian knows what I'am talking about, as he did political studies! please stop coming with invented informations, the countries you mentioned, agree withe the polisario to fight for self determination, they never agreed to recogniza the RSAD republc, why, because they don't own a territory, check UN policies(OK) how do you call this, the majority of polisario comes from mali and mauritania? why polisario restrict all humain direct aid camps? why they censor all the media to get information freelly in the camps? why mauritania soldiers, 3 weeks ago killed some polisario soldiers,whome tried to sell the humanitarian aid in black market? i think to cmlete building thier villas in spain. lol
so open your eyes, and talk straight