06 June, 2008

No More Tourists

The ongoing desire of the US government to solve the problem of foreign tourists have led to an interesting new initiative. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has revealed proposals to make would-be tourists from EU countries submit an online questionnaire 48 hours before their travel date. This will apply even to countries with which the USA has visa waiver programmes.

More: Chertoff: Register visa waiver visitors

Where I heard about this: The official architecture of paranoia


Andrew Sherman said...

The first link is broken and the second link led me to a 2007 article. But it is true as you can see at the bbc.
It is lucky the dollar is so weak or no-one would bother to come here any more.

ian said...

Link fixed! I hadn't noticed how old the article was, but I suppose it was being referenced in passing on the other site. It's funny how the BBC site pretty much shows Chertoff announcing the same thing he did a year ago, though maybe back then it was more a statement of intent.

Weak dollar or not, it could be a while before I visit the Great Satan.