08 November, 2008

Our ironic world

The BBC reports:

"Religious leaders in Jerusalem are warning of dangerous consequences after a decision by Israel's Supreme Court to allow the destruction of part of an ancient Muslim cemetery.

"The graveyard has not been used for more than 50 years, but contains the bodies of some important Islamic figures.

"Many of those bodies will now be disturbed to make way for a new Jewish 'Museum of Tolerance'.


Randy said...

The Middle Eastern conflict makes so much more sense when you realize that no one actually wants peace.

ian said...

I've been meaning to reply to this for ages. I don't think it means very much to say that someone wants or doesn't want peace. Everyone wants peace, in the sense that they don't want other people to be trying to kill them. However, there are other things people want as well. In the Israel-Palestine conflict, the goals of the various actors are such that it is in their interest to keep the conflict going rather than to reach a settlement. On the Israeli side, their position is so strong that they more or less do not need to reach a settlement to achieve everything they want. On the Palestinian side, their position is so fucked that it is hard to see it getting any worse (thought it could, and proably will), so they reckon that keeping the conflict going is as good as any other option.