08 January, 2009

More Gaza meta

Here's an article in Ha'aretz by the outgoing Jerusalem correspondent of the Economist: Israel's PR war. He discusses why Israel is losing the propaganda war, reaching the astonishing conclusion that they are killing enormous numbers of people and not really giving the impression of doing so for any reason other than jockeying for power between Israeli politics and a general tendency to resort to extreme violence when unsure what to do.


Queenie said...

It is fascinating to be Irish (ie inclining towards a sympathetic position to PA), living in Canada (virulently pro-Israeli) during the last couple of Israeli invitations to Islamic organizations to bitch slap the IDF around the various parts of the Middle East they (IDF) purport to run. I R ALONE in my thinking pretty much.

ian said...

It must be fun being the only sane person in a country gone mad.