17 February, 2009

Ireland: FAIL?

I have been meaning to write a bit about Ireland's current economic travails, for the benefit of my foreign readers, but I am finding the subject a bit too depressing. So instead, here are two cheering links:

Irish government faces growing fears of debt default (Guardian, yesterday)

Bank guarantee likely to deal a crippling blow to the economy (Irish Times, today)


Andrew Sherman said...

Yikes. I guess this is why the IMF is bulking up.

Anonymous said...

With a nod to "We're livin' in the last days now", the Guardian page when I looked had a link to a sequence of photos of a heron eating a duck.



ian said...

I once saw a mummy and daddy coot chasing a grey heron away from their young.

In fail news, I am somewhat reissured to read that the British are suddenly starting to worry about the blank cheques their government has written for their banks. We are all in this together.

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