29 November, 2009

Power Corrupts

If I had more time, I would post something more considered on the just published report on child sexual abuse by priests in Dublin. In broad terms, I reckon that the clerical perpetrators of abuse did this because they could - in a society where the Church could sack government ministers, and where the institution looked after its own, some priests with paedophile urges must have realised that they could get away with anything, that nothing would happen to them if they molested children. It's a depressing business.


Queenie said...

When I worked in the Government Press office the Archbishop of Cashel (I think that's his title anyway) regularly arrived in his chauffer driven limousine to complain about the Commie Minister for Social Welfare. Said Minister was well chuffed whenever it happened.

ian said...

I can well imagine... did the Archbishop get to come in and complain to anyone important?