14 February, 2010

Siopaí na Cheann

There is a bit of a flap on in Ireland at the moment about “Head Shops”. These are premises that sell products to customers who wish to get a “deadly buzz” without breaking the law – for the “gear” sold in the “Head Shops” is entirely legal. There is talk of bringing in sweeping legislation to ban “Head Shop” products, perhaps even to ban these places entirely.

Action needs to be taken quickly. Some years previously, Ireland had an emerging problem with the misuse of heroin and cocaine. This was developing into a considerable scourge, until the authorities took action, banning the sale of these substances. There is no longer a heroin or cocaine problem in Ireland.


Karl Stanley said...

Facebook has conditioned me into looking for a "Like" button.

I was slightly amused (and more than a little shocked) at the alleged arson of the Head Shop on Capel Street. I bet there was a huge crowd standing downwind, wha?

ian said...