24 May, 2007

Democracy in action - the final crop

A vote for Lucan

Make the local woman your TD

Think change

Building an Ireland of equals

For a strong caring voice

Left-Wing government? NO thanks!

Ireland is an island - NOT a continent

Your vote for children

Taking action - getting results

Getting places faster

A real performer!

Ireland is a country - not a continent.


Paul said...

Are the seventh one and the final one from those strident anti-immigration people?

(a curse upon them)

ian said...

I did not see the first one myself, so I can't say. The last is from a local candidate. To call him an anti-immigration person would be both to narrow him down and impose a degree of unjustified coherence. His pamphlet (from which that "slogan" is a phrase plucked at random) reads like it was dictated down the pub after 15 pints.

Kealo said...

We had a candidate from an organisation called the Immigration Contorl Platform. I don't think it would have been unkind to say that he looked like a child molester.