05 May, 2007

Democracy in action

The best is yet to come

Don't throw it all away

On your side

Others promise. We deliver

Working for you. Working with you

I have a dream

Help me to help you

Now, the next steps

Your voice, your issues

Delivering results consistently

Working locally… delivering locally

Your Ireland. Your future

New generation. New candidate. New Dáil.

We'll work for you.

Teamwork gets results.

Honest politics. Real results.


Paul said...

It's inspiring stuff all right.

Queenie said...

Christ they drive me crazy, and there's always a three week brainstorming stage that's completely pointless because the little prick in charge of marketing picks his own idea all the time anyway.

For Today's families.
Or is it For Today's working families

Kealo said...

Don't forget: "And now for real change" or "Contract for a better Ireland".