20 August, 2007

Palestine's Post-Modern Future

You may or may not have heard of Professor Alan Dershowitz. When he is not calling for the legalisation of torture, he is doing his bit to help solve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. He has in mind the emergence of a Palestinian independent state that will be comprised of the Gaza Strip and a number of non-contiguous blocks of territory on the West Bank. This might sound like a recipe for bantustanisation, but Professor Dershowitz thinks otherwise. Rather in this world of instant communications and cheap and fast travel non-contiguity need not be a barrier to the creation of a viable state. Or so a review of Dershowitz's "The Case for Peace" reports that he says.


Nicholas Whyte said...

The interesting (or shocking) thing is the Dershowitz is actually more moderate than the reviewer, who clearly thinks his notions of letting the Palestinians control the Temple Mount and other Arab bits of Jerusalem, and compensating Palestinian refugees, are too loony to be taken seriously.

ian said...

Dershowitz is funny... in his "The Case For Israel" he basically denies that Palestinians have any legitimate grievances whatsoever, but then in his follow up "The Case For Peace" he makes proposals that count as rather generous by the meagre standards of what Israeli supporters typically think is good enough for the Palestinians.

Randy said...

Ah, Dershowitz. Isn't diasporic ethnic nationalism lovely?