30 August, 2007

Who makes the Nazis?

Am I reading this right? The Irish Times are reporting the Department of Justice as saying that "non-EU spouses of EU citizens must live in another member state before residing here." So, like, if an Irish person were to go and live in a non-EU country, meet and fall in love with one of the locals, and marry them, they would not be able to come back and live here in Ireland?


Andrew Sherman said...

And what happens if every EU country has this law?

ian said...

In fairness to the facists in Justice, you are allowed marry non-EU nationals if they have already been legally resident in an EU country, which would include Ireland. I think.

I gather the EU is in the process of telling them to go fuck themselves.

Queenie said...

HuH? I thought you could come and live and work in Ireland if you were married to an Irish citizen.

Goddamn... another five years in Canader???

You've probably realized by now I am catching up on this blog!!

ian said...

Hi "Queenie", I am catching up on your comments.