16 May, 2009

More European Parliament election action

Libertas is an organisation headed by Irish businessman Declan Ganley. They were heavily involved in last year's campaign against the Lisbon Treaty here. Libertas has now been transformed into a political party contesting the European Parliament elections across the EU. Mr Ganley hopes to transform the election into a European referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and the direction being taken by the EU. There is, of course, a certain irony about a euro-sceptic party contesting elections in every member state of the EU. However, Mr Ganley himself decries the euro-sceptic label, asserting that he is actually just trying to reform the way the European Union operates.

This week two of Libertas' Irish candidates declared their opposition to further immigration to Ireland from other EU states. This is a particularly odd position for a pan-European party to adopt, as they seem to be saying that the free internal movement of people – a core value of the European Union – should be rescinded. At this stage I do not know if these utterances by the Irish Libertas candidates have been reported in those EU states that have sent people to Ireland. I am also unaware of their reception among nationals of other EU states living in Ireland; such people are entitled to vote in European Parliament elections here.

Links (both Irish Times):

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fr finton stack said...

It appears that Libertas are opposed to the aspects of the European Union that I like.

Celeste said...

when I first saw the Libertas posters, I thought, "At least they have some slogan on them, as opposed to just pictures". But it turns out their slogan actually gives no indication of their position on anything, except that they're better than the incumbents. I even got a flyer from them and couldn't tell anything except that they're against Europe.

ian said...

It is of course interesting that Euroscepticism has such a bad name that even Libertas do not define themselves as Eurosceptics. Ah well.